Thursday, July 26, 2007

Review GSM phone Alcatel OneTouch 155

Standard kit:

  • Handset
  • Charger
  • Manual

Alcatel has always tried to offer the cheapest solutions and low-end models play a significant role in its model line. Alcatel OneTouch 155 is one of these phones positioned a bit higher than Alcatel 153. The device is obviously intended for youth and a round body shape, a rubber key block looking like a single piece and a transparent cover on the back panel (here you may insert you photos or cuttings) tell about it. Sides are made of white plastic and make an impression of a rubber surface but that is an illusion. There is a strap hole on the top end.

The model is equipped with a monochrome screen, a saturated emerald backlighting and the resolution is 101x65 pixels. The display shows up to 4 text lines and one service line. Font-size is much bigger than average and thus text is easy to read, the device is comfortable for people with poor eyesight. This very model has the best readable font in its class.

Key block as it was already said is made of rubber and is pleasant in tactile feelings. When pressed the keys click and a finger sinks a bit that makes a strange feeling. Due to this fact keypad comfort is lower than average and there is no proper positioning of pressures. The company equipped all its devices including middle-class models with this solution, but in middle-class models the keypad is better. The backlighting is green, very pale and seen well only in a complete darkness. Characters of two languages are inscribed in localized versions, the letters are small and you'll have to peer at them.

There is a headset connector and a charger on the bottom end. The back cover is easy to take off (there is no backlash almost) and a 720 mAh Li-Ion battery may be seen inside. According to the manufacturer it can work for 200 hours in the standby mode and up to 4.5 hours in the talk mode. In Moscow the device worked for about 4 days in case of 45-50 minutes of talks and minimum of using other functions. Full recharging takes a bit longer than 1.5 hours. SIM-card holder is standard.


Accessing the main menu is possible by pressing an OK button. Everything is very ascetic here, an icon of the item and its name in a vertical list. There is no fast navigation and it's not necessary since there are not so many items in the menu.

Phone book. All the entries are stored in the SIM-memory and a separate number may be used for speed dialing.

Messages. The device supports EMS. There are ten text templates, SMS Chat. All the other possibilities are minimal, and there is T9 mode.

Settings. One of 17 graphical screensavers may be set for the standby mode, some of them are interesting. Automatic key lock is present and a possibility to assign personal functions to some buttons. Also here are sound and call signal settings. All the melodies are midi files and there are no profiles.

Tools. A calculator is plain, an alarm clock is once and a personal melody may be set for it.

Games. There are two games in the phone, they are Bricks and Snake.


There are no cavils as for the quality of connection and everything is typical for this segment without any evident connection failures. A noise is heard during a conversation and it is permanent. The volume of 16-tones polyphonic call alert is average and it is heard not always. Its middling quality is an evident disadvantage and it is more alike a 4-tones one. The power of a vibracall is average. The model is extremely cheap and thus there are no any functions except for the calling. The rivals are Motorola C115/C116 and in some way Alcatel OT153 is on the same level. The price of Alcatel 155 will form about 55-60 USD that is characteristic for this segment.

Melody samples (219 KB, mp3)

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